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Develop an Iconic Style with Men’s Polo Shirts in Pakistan

No matter how old they may get, polo shirts may never go out of the fashion. In Pakistan, the shirts are a great way of defining your standards and style statement. People wear short sleeve polo shirts as they look cooler than anything else. Even numerous celebrities have also set the bar high for fashion-followers by wearing these well-fitting outfit.

Short History of Men’s Polo Shirts

Earlier in the prior century, the trend of polo shirts started with the game of “Golf.” The players used to wear these collared shirts with morning coats and knickerbockers for the etiquettes of gentlemen’s game demanded “neat and tidy” look. The essence of discipline was reflected through it, which is why, people embraced it into different styles by the time.

Guidelines to Wear Polo Shirts

Since it is a great addition to your wardrobe, make sure that you wear it in a classy manner.  To help with that, here are some instructions that you must follow.

  • In Pakistan, it is very common to wear an undershirt/vest as a base to the body for each outfit. We advise you to ditch this trend with this sporty shirt. But if you can’t break this habit, ensure it isn’t visible from neckline.
  • Don’t pop your color. Otherwise it may seem uncool.
  • Whenever opting for it, make sure you have found some comfortable short-sleeve polo shirts that go with your style. Even so, there is no such thing as long-sleeved polos, but if you find one, it must not be a part of your wardrobe.

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